The New Old School Baseball League is an official Action! PC Baseball League. The NOSBL is a closed membership league managed exclusively by the NL and AL commissioners. The league format is based on the 1957 MLB season. 2 divisions consisting of 8 teams as follows:


Baltimore Orioles                         

Boston Red Sox                          

Chicago White Sox

Cleveland Indians

Detroit Tigers

New York Yankees

Oakland Athletics (1957 Kansas City Athletics)

Washington Nationals (1957 Washington Senators)


Chicago Cubs

Cincinatti Reds

Los Angeles Dodgers (1957 Brooklyn Dodgers)

Milwaukee Brewers (1957 Milwaukee Braves)

Philadelphia Phillies

Pittsburgh Pirates

St. Louis Cardinals

San Francisco Giants (1957 New York Giants)

**Modern cities, ballparks and era will be used in the game.


No DH is ever allowed at any time. Pitchers must bat.




After a season ends, ALL teams must cut down to 13 players for winter rosters by January 10th. The Spring Free Agent Draft order will be worst record in ascending order except the 16th seed, which is the World Series Champion & 15th seed will be the World Series runner up from last season. After all teams have drafted their 13 players to fill their primary roster, reserve players can be done independently by one commissioner or the other based on each teams needs. Other commissioner must approve reserve rosters.


The draft may NOT commence until at least 7 days has elapsed since the release of next year's game. Draft may be done by email or in person. No more than (2) rounds may be done in a 24 hour period by email. Picks may be rescinded if one or more teams is adversely impacted by a pick. Commissioners shall always consider parity for the league as a whole (not only the franchises they manage)


Teams winning the World Series in back to back seasons and/or the Pennant in 3 consecutive seasons will lose their 1st round pick and have that pick reallocated to the very last pick in the draft.


       Reserve Draft: AL commissioner will complete based on team's needs.




When simulating a game or letting the PC manage an opponent via solitaire, always manually set the lineup from saved lineups and the SP based on highest EPC. Human managers are fully responsible for all substitutions and managing the PC team in a fair and realistic manner, past the 7th inning, when it is a 3 run game or less. Computer manager should be turned off until the game ends or a 4+ run lead occurs.


For the last month of the season, commissioners should manage BOTH teams for any computer teams that are legitimate pennant contenders in a fair and realistic manner. These games should NOT be simulated like normal, as quirks in the PC manager could potentially cost a PC managed team the Pennant. 

When playing HTH, the bullpen rule is on at all times unless technical issues do not permit.

In the World Series, all games are to be played by human managers in PITCH BY PITCH MODE at any point when runners are in scoring position. If neither Commissioner has a team in the W.S., Commissioners should manage for their respective league (NL or AL). If BOTH teams in the W.S. are managed by one Commissioner, he has the choice of which team he will manage, but it is preferred that the Commissioners manage for and represent their respective league in this scenario as well.

The regular season is to begin no later than March 1 and conclude before December 31st. The Commissioners are required to keep each season within these time frames. As personal schedules  and summer plans may dilute league participation during the year, the commissioners, at their mutual discretion may each take a League and unilaterally auto-sim and/or play out chunks of the season to get caught up. When auto play is used, close supervision of the box scores must be maintained to ensure the PC manager is making realistic lineups.


Full duration as determined by the game. Teams may keep reserves up for as long as it is practical to cover injuries to players from the 26 man roster. However when ALL 26 members of the primary roster are active, by default any/all reserves must be demoted back to the minors.

If injuries deplete a position on a team from both active and reserve rosters, a replacement may be taken from the free agent pool until one of the injured players returns. As a rule, ALL teams must select the player in the FA pool with the highest overall player value as the replacement fort that position. The extra reserve taken will remain on that team's roster for the duration of the season as an inactive player. The player may be retained the following spring on the 13 man winter roster or released.



Each team will have a total of 26 active roster players (13 position players + 13 pitchers) for the season. Once all teams have 26 players, all teams will then draft reserve players. The reserve players are automatically demoted/inactive for opening day and can ONLY be activated in the event of an injury to a regular roster player.


Player Eligibility is based on the prior season's MLB stats:

        *300+ PA - May play full time in daily lineups in the NOSBL
        *250-299 PA - Pinch hitter or runner, defensive sub. (2) starts per 4 game series or (1) per 3 games series

        *200-249 PA - Pinch hitter or runner, defensive sub. (1) start per 3 or 4 game series
        *0-199 PA - Batter is ineligible for the NOSBL. (Catchers can be made an exception on a discretionary basis)


*Any batter who has an OPS split of .800 or more must have had at least 25% of his MLB at bats against the respectively handed pitcher to be eligible to bat from that side of the plate.




 A full time player (300+ PA) must have at least 15 games played at a position to be an every starter at that position. Players with less than 15 games at a position may only START there in the event of an injury to the team's full time player at that position OR as a pinch hitter or substitute from the 5th inning on. Players giving an every day starter a day off must have at least 10 games played at that position.

    25+ MLB Starts - No limit on starts
15-24 MLB Starts - May not exceed actual MLB innings  pitched.
    1-15 MLB Starts - Unless pitcher made at least (1) relief appearance, not eligible.

     40 IP - Minimum for RH relievers.

     35 IP - Minimum for LH relievers.

DURABILITY LIMITATIONS: Left handed relief pitchers must have a durability of 4 or greater to be eligible. All other players must have a durability rating of 5 or greater to be eligible for the season.

PLAYERS INELIGIBLE DUE TO DURABILITY RATING RETENTION POLICY: Any player that is ineligible for the season based on a low durability rating, may remain as a protected player for the following season's winter roster. The  maximum number of players a team may protect is limited to (3).


Since ALL teams in the league rely solely upon the FA draft to fill roster voids and build their talent pool, ALL teams, human and PC managed shall use reasonable diligence to avoid overstocking starting position players. Retaining 2 starters at one fielding position should be carefully considered. It may be permitted in cases where it forms a good Lefty-Righty tandem and/or a younger player will eventually assume the role of a retiring or declining veteran. Another exception could be a team with a a very weak offensive roster that desperately needs hitting depth, however this an exception to the rule as holding on to an extra starting position player to bolster pinch hitting depth on average or better teams is NOT considered a best practice since it may weaken other teams needing a starting batter in that position. In the vast majority of other instances, teams will be expected to "trim the fat" from their rosters with regard to position players. This rule/practice does NOT apply to pitchers at all (ONLY position players). Teams can only protect a maximum of  (2) closers who had 20+ MLB saves the year before.


Commissioners may NOT make any modifications or additions to the rules of this constitution which govern this league when a season is in progress. Any subsequent modifications or additions must be discussed and voted on during the off season. Either Commissioner may veto a proposal from the other. When the commissioners agree 2-0 on a proposal it is written into the league constitution. Once the season begins the constitution is locked until the next off season. The season beginning is defined by the commencement of the Spring Free Agent Draft. Once the first pick is made, the Constitution is locked for the season.



154 games. AL and NL Pennant winners go straight to the 7 game World Series Championship. If a divisional tie results, the 2 teams shall play a one game wild card playoff. The team with the best run differential is the home team.



To avoid the contamination of legitimate league records, the NOSBL will impose severe penalties upon players using PED's. Any player found guilty by MLB for using any PED's will be subject to the following:

  • 1st Offense in MLB:   Player may finish current season (if applicable), but is suspended for the next full NOSBL regular and post season subsequent to when the player is found guilty by MLB of the offense.

  • 2nd Offense in MLB:  Player will finish out present NOSBL season (if applicable) and then is released permanently and banned forever from the league and may not be re-drafted by any team in the future. The only exception would be a successful appeal to MLB which would then reinstate eligibility in the NOSBL.



Trades are prohibited. All roster changes must be the result of off season/winter roster cuts and the free agent draft.



Usage rules in the game shall NOT be used.